You’re low-key crazy,
And I high-key love it.

a friend once told me.

she was playing but,
in between what she was saying,
she wasn’t wrong.

to be crazy means: 1. to be, deranged in an aggressive way.
2. to be, extremely enthusiastic.

my mind is not always mine, some days.

i tend to go back in time and,
rewind only to replay
how much i love(d) someone.
how much love i have inside to even give, someone.

does that make me crazy?

to be crazy in love?

or am i just happy to even have feelings gifted from above?

if i am on the lowest of keys,
and what i possess inside of me brings
the highest octave of joy,
…you should be lucky.

they don’t make em’ like this anymore!


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by PoetKi

Hey ya'll. I'm PoetKi, and currently I am getting my MFA in Creative Writing with a Focus in Poetry, in New York! But I'm originally from Atlanta, GA. I love to write songs, interludes, and poems, that resonate with both male and female in a way that is relate-able, inspiring, and impactful, while also innocent, sensual, and urban. I am an open book, and I choose to share my story through my words so that anyone who is feeling/have felt the same way I did/do will ultimately connect and understand that they are not alone. I also write short stories on the side as well.

I am an artist looking to brand myself by expanding my connections with other creatives. I aspire to become a hit song maker, a well-known author, and a curator of spoken word events.

I hope you enjoy what you read, and I hope that we can work together in the future, possibly.


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