Crazy when you realize your job doesn’t care about you.

I mean, they really don’t. I’ve been at my job for two months and they still don’t even know my name. Recently, in the same day, I was been called Chrystal and Lisa when my name is actually Anissa Lachelle. They didn’t even bother to check my name tag. I’ve been fired a few times and though it’s unfortunate, I never fear because I always learn something. This time I learned that as long as you are working for someone else you are 100% replaceable. This was probably the most valuable lesson of all. It’s a cycle; it’s literally a recruitment cycle. They initiate the hiring process and proceed to hire another overly qualified individual who’s willing to take the pay; filling that empty space with a body.

I feel like an empty space. I’m invisible at work.

During those eight hours that I trade my precious time for money, no one can see me and they damn sure can’t hear me– that’s no longer enough for me. I’m a hard worker. I’m a hustler and I’ve been about my bread for a long time, but lately, the numbers aren’t adding up and it’s urging me to continue to push myself to be something more.

You know, this hasn’t been one walk in Warinanco Park. It’s been hard and people don’t realize how much I battle myself or how tired I really am. But I’ve always known that there’s another life out there. I’ve been dreaming about one since I was a child: where we’re happy, where we worry about nothing, and we want for nothing. I know there is so much more to life than just getting up every day, shackling up, making other people money and trying to survive.

Yesterday felt like a turning point for me. I was reading through my old blogs. I asked myself if this time I’d stop undervaluing myself and settling for organizations that aren’t a fit for me, or will I stay true to myself and think up something outside the box?

What did I do?

What I had to do. Going against my spirit has been bad for my spirit but we all make sacrifices to get by. We get thrown into situations where we are forced to do things that we don’t want to do or that we don’t like to do. Now it’s more of a question of, “What am I going to do differently to ensure that I won’t have to do those things for long?”

Turning 25 was the real turning point for me. What fuels me most is the idea that I’m done trading my time doing something that isn’t aligning with my goals for money. I just don’t see the purpose in doing that unless simply existing is the motive. I aspire to be someone who lives, sustains, and maintains. A legacy is the motive. I am one in a million. I’m not one of the masses. I don’t belong in this box that I keep getting thrown into where I’ve been slept on and overlooked for far too long.

Soon I’ll be where everybody knows my name.

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