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Clean Break

Clean break

I like your eyes but I can’t stand to look at you when I find out you’ve lied

And when I’m mad at you, those same eyes are my absolute demise

Everyone keeps telling me I’m losing

Like this is some battle between me and you

Like we’re at war

And warring with you is the last thing I’d ever wanna do

Cause if I’d ask you for food, you’d go get it for me,

Or even fire up the stove

If I called you crying,

Sometimes you don’t know what to say but you’d never hang up the phone

Great vibes

Every time we link up its mad lit

Losing you would feel like I lost my chapstick

Or my lip gloss

And y’all know how I feel about chapped lips

They won’t be missed but you will

Not having you around feels like overkill to my already fragile heart

But I’m afraid this is becoming toxic for me

And you’re a people pleaser

And I can’t stand when the people you’re pleasing aren’t me

I need a break from the mess

And from the anger

Cause my hearts in danger

Of never being able to care for anyone

The way I care for you


A clean break

Is what I need

But everything feels a mess when you aren’t around

by prodbyjuuuice

My name is Shanelle Franceschi, I’m 22 and I’m a Starbucks barista. I love writing, mostly poetry. I love creating In general. I plan on going back to school and being a student in fashion styling. I’m normally very shy but I want what I have to say to get out there.

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