Clipped wings

As a child, we’re all brought up differently…

With the common goal…

to have our soul…remain innocent.

Not knowing that what we carry in-

-between our legs will join our fates through our perceived sin.

Our bodies gifted with the strength to create life .

Will be weakened by the constant strife,

that is life…

when led by men.

We will jump the same hurdles.

Take in the same laughs.

As we try to overcome the same path…

That has become our same inferno.

But you see…

I won’t let this female version remain within me.

I’ll break free…

Out of this jar.

The unattainable will not always remain this far.

As these wings…

Although clipped.

Will bring me to the eyes of these so-called kings…

To show all the sweat that I dripped.

The souls that I ripped…


From limb to limb.

This canvas not for the faint of the heart.

When they realize they’re strength is slim…

There’s no comparison.

To the woman that I am within. 


Or without my clipped wings.

by Janid

A Mother, A Veteran, A Poet, constantly reconfiguring myself & writing my experiences along the way. Writing has been an outlet for my emotions for many years now. I hope to reach you with my words, inspire you to be a better version of yourself, or help you through a tough time.


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