Collective Tarot Card Reading and Messages for Everyone!

Hello loves! This is my first time introducing about my spirituality work and decided to step out of the ordinary. I pulled cards based on the current energy in the community, guidance, and messages in general, and what the angels wanted to say! I’ll start by saying that the messages are not bad.

Current Energy: I pulled the Ten of Wands, Five of Wands, and Hierophant. I see a lot of stress in pursuing and writing. There might be some of us that are going through a hard time, and started shedding out of your old self. I thought of a snake leaving its old skin behind. The nIne of Wands and Eight of Swords clarifies to me that there is nothing to worry about. These events happening in your life is for you to crack open the darkest parts of you! I visualized a nut being cracked open lol! As you witness the hardest fears and feelings you’ve hidden away from the universe, they will bring it back to rehash what needs to be healed. There is no need to run away! Go break those fears and spill all your hurt in writing on this website! As you spill out the fumes you’ve held onto, you’re work is going to be appreciated and recognized more. You’re letting the negative thoughts go and embracing yourself as you take the chances you’ve always dreamed of. I got Five of Wands, which indicates a strive and push to go forward with life. Yesss guys!!! Keep going. You’re almost there! I also got Hierophant. Hierophant can be about religion or someone that intuitively knows information based on what they feel. Your intuition always knows the way. If something feels like you aren’t supposed to be doing it, I suggest you not to push it. Let go of what needs to be let go. Go to the adventures that are calling for you rather than the expectation from others. The only reason why you’re pursuing something is because you love is and there is a call too it.

Advice: Like always theres a need to work on forgiveness with the past and the blame you have on yourselves. There is no need to be ashamed of anything. You are human and imperfect! You are learning and just a student of life. The universe wants you to appreciate all the blessings you have in your life. Even the simplest as getting up in the morning and saying thank you to someone! Whats wrong with saying thank you? Absolutely nothing! I also got a card that asks for everyone to shift from problem and only focus on love. The universe wants positive intentions and more positive people. If you are not positive, you will be setting back and missing out on all the glory. I got in my head “missing out all the fun while all the children are playing in the playground”. Believe and be positive! The last card was “Love Who You Are”. The universe and angels are just giving a reminder to love yourself and embrace what you got to share to the world. Just be you! Just love you!

Angel Messages: Because these are cards in Turkish, I will have to translate them. The angels want you to believe and let things manifest. They are giving a reassurance that everything is going to pan out perfect and when the time is due. I literally thought of a pregnant women just waiting when her baby is going to come out. The answer is whenever the baby is supposed too! The angels all want you to focus on going with the flow and being on time with everything. Angels want you all to be updated on the news and be aware of your surroundings. They don’t want anyone to be missing out on important information concerning your surroundings and anything that can impact you.

Extra Messages: They want you all to be in on all the fun. New beginnings are coming and have fun like a kid. “The Child” card shows a kid trying to catch butterflies, which I see it as living life as changes are happening around her surroundings. I feel like this is a message for someone, but they will get more people interested in them as they get recognized more. There is a feeling of being recognized on television or anything with social media. It could simply being recognized by others from writing on Harness! However, there are several people keep tabs on someone 😀


See you all soon! My Instagram is @it.always.heals_ for more info! Sending you all love and light <3

by Asli Erem

19 years old. College student. Aspiring story teller.
"Just exactly how Turkish coffee hold all the fortune we put our money into it,
I hold all my truths within my words"
-Asli Erem


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