Comfort zone

I live in my imagination in a world that I have invented myself. All my favorite things are here. There is only one zone in my world that is my comfort zone and anything contrary to that has to exit my imagination. However, there is this door that has appeared within my comfort zone. A door that may lead to something different. I often stare at it contemplating whether I should walkthrough. You see at times my comfort zone can become uncomfortable. It’s missing something. Lacking in areas. There are problems within the zone that I can’t fix. This surprises me because as the architect of my comfort zone I should be able to fix it.I’ve been looking for a handyman…maybe one exists behind this door.


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by hartofleah

Hi there, my name is Aleah Parsons and I was born and raised in the United States in the state of Georgia. I am a recent college graduate and am currently about to start grad school for a master's degree in library science. I'm super excited but also super nervous about starting school again!

I didn't always know that I was a writer, but I did know that I liked to write. I started writing at 13 and haven't stopped. Writing is important to me because it is how I express myself and release my thoughts. I enjoy creative writing and recently got into writing stories. I am currently working on my first story and am super excited about sharing it with the world.

Writing is my thing. It's a very special hobby for me and I just want to share that with others!


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