Coming Through The Slaughter


Warm salty wet sorrow 

Drips down 

Down down 

Catch it before it falls 

Falls falls 

False words 

False feelings 

Feeling false 

Words false 




Broken Skin 

I have endured many skewers to the heart 

Violent words 

Fist to skin 

Kisses to another 


And felt I deserved it 

For some wrongs I must have caused. 

Beautiful words  

Holding hands 

Looking into each other eyes 


And I wonder when it will end. 


I start to see myself in his eyes 

The bad 

The good 

And it’s easier to see the bad… 

The broken heart can endure more pain 

But the healed heart crumples deeper. 

And then I feel numb. 

I will not let the walls fall again 

Let myself think love exists. 


To you 

When your hard words hit me 

I feel the sting – as intended –  

I kept my own case of words 

to shield that pain; 

now I keep those words 

as weapons, to fling 

before you can sting.    


I no longer feel your hate 

as my guard is up and I 

too am getting to your level. 

When did you start to hate me 

when did you start to love me 

did either happen? 

Did I dream your lies with you? 

Did I let myself down 

by staying by 




Did I let you down 


being me?



Author: Kris Kaila 
Email: my.novelesque.life@gmail.com
Author Bio: Kris Kaila is an aspiring writer and an avid reader.  When not reading or writing she can be found posting reviews on Goodreads or My Novelesque Life blog. 
Link to social media and website: Instagram @my_novelesque_life https://mynovelesquelife.wordpress.com


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