You search,
They share.
You sit and wonder
If only my life had been a little bit broader…”
You sit and wait,
Hoping someday you finally meet your fate.
You see the girl with the perfect charm,
The one with the girl who has a baby in her arm.
You see the love,
But never the fight…
Because that would make us all seem too human;
Am I right?
The girl you think you know,
Is someone that she only chooses to show.
You don’t know the battles this person must face,
The ones that make their hearts beat at furiously rapid pace…
We all have a story.
Don’t just regard the other people you see in such high glory…
Look in,
See what it is your comparison truly means.
If you compare in lack,
You will never get the fullness of life back.
If you compare in hope,
I’d bet any amount of money,
Your life will turn out dope.

by Adelorenzo25

I believe life is all about lessons. I think we learn the most about ourselves through the experiences we encounter and that's what I like to write about. Writing for me is a way to process. A way to feel. A way to get down and dirty, and most of all, real.

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