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Coping With Holiday Stress And Anxiety

The holidays are in full swing and so is the stress. From holiday shopping to Christmas parties, it seems that every minute of our schedule is booked trying to make 2018 the most festive year yet. So how do we handle the madness of this season?

Here are a few hard-and-fast rules to get you to the new year unscathed:

  1. Learn to say no. There are Christmas parties you have to attend and then there are Christmas parties you aspire to attend. Learn the difference between what’s a must and what’s a must not. The parties that would make you look like a better friend or co-worker, but really add no long-term value into your life? Go ahead and RSVP “no” to those events. You know which ones I am talking about—you over-stress on what to wear and who is going to be there because you don’t want to be stuck in the corner next to the appetizer table the whole time. Attend events that add a little more sparkle into your life, not the ones that give anxiety at the thought of attending.
  2. Quality over quantity. Make your list and check it twice. Eliminate the individuals that don’t really need a gift and invest those funds into quality gifts for those that matter in your life. It’s so easy to pick out five shirts on Black Friday that all equate to $100.00, which I am sure whomever you are buying mass quantities of clothing for would be excited, but a quality gift would go a lot farther. BONUS: you can make it one item and not worry about rushing around from shop to shop picking up last-minute items to hit your spending goal. Need an idea? We love gifting photo books!
  3. Invest in yourself. It is especially important to set a few moments aside for yourself, especially during this time of year. Whether it is attending a hot yoga session twice a week or virtually venting to a therapist with our good friends at BetterHelp (click here to find out  more), you need to find that release. You cannot give from an empty cup. So do yourself a favor and spend time exploring what you like and take advantage of some self-care deals for yourself.
  4. Manage expectations. Maybe you were a crazy person last year and baked 300 cookies for all of the holiday parties you attended—people have a way of remembering good food and good parties. Just because you did something one year does not mean you need to repeat it next year. After all, you are not a reoccurring musical act. They get you for one night and one night only, however you choose to perform is your choice. So manage those expectations up front—let people know you are bringing a dip or a bottle of wine this year. It will take less off your plate (no pun intended).

We would love to hear from you on how you handle stress during the holiday season. Baking? Movies? Exercise? Vacation? The list is limitless, and we want to know!


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