Coronavirus that is
An illness that is spreading
Nationwide around the globe
It’s affecting our world badly
No places to go schools closed
People can’t afford to be around each other
Afraid of what they may contract
Let’s come together as one
And have each other back
Coughs, sneeze’s symptoms of the flu
Fatigue have you feeling blue
You have no clue
Where it comes from
It has you feeling so numb
What has the world come
I don’t know
Shutting down everything
People going into depression
People not working
Are we going into a recession
Afraid to go out and enjoy
Thinking will I contract this illness
I’m not being fake
Just speaking realness
No one can go on a cruise and have fun
Because you fear that it’s not clear
To go
So you curl up and crawl in a hole
Then you realize who’s in control it’s not you or me
It’s our Father in the sky
He hear the nation Cry
But are they crying out to him
Reaching out
Touching hands in agreement
We can beat this coronavirus
We will
Don’t put yourself in a corner
You should live
Be precautious, be careful
Don’t be dreadful
When all this is over
Go to your islands
Overcome the fear of Coronavirus


Written by: Concetta Hardnett
Copyright © concetta hardnett | Year Posted 2020

by MissChettaPoetic

The Voice behind the pen
The pen and the paper
The paper and the pen
You can rewrite your story
From the beginning to the end
Erase it , rough draft
Direct your path
Who can explain the pen better
Than Ms. Concetta


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