Cosmic Melody

Cosmic Melody

Cosmic Special
Basquiat in his own rite
Basquiat because of his vibe
Picasso because of his mind
I love it
Cosmically Pushin’ and shovin’
My soul to another level
Lifting the veil
I’m affected
Only in time could I tell
But time couldn’t tell
In this dimension
Had to move on and wish him well
But I could still hear the melody and I swear I know it well
nobody else
He  taught me “Neva live in nobody’s hell” especially one that
they’ve created for themselves.
It ain’t selfish but you can’t give something you ain’t neva gave to ya self.
This is for those with the ears to hear
So I can’t help if you deaf

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by Honey Love

Hi :)
I'm Mimi Lynnette, a wife, mother and a daughter of the creator of all things! I'm a lover of creation and creating! I have always been a writer but I am now choosing to share what I create in hopes that it helps someone else create and share what they create!


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