Couples Therapy Doesn’t Mean Crisis

There’s a common misconception that therapy or counseling is only sought out and needed in times of crisis. The loss of a loved one, severe mental illness and relationship trauma spring to the forefront of assumptions about therapy. However, it’s important to note that counseling, while incredibly useful during the darker moments of our lives, can be used as a tool to support and continue the brighter moments.

This is most apparent in the case of couples counseling. It’s true that many couples turn to joint therapy as a way to mediate severe relationship issues and perhaps prevent divorce, but many couples also use therapy as a means of fostering a healthy life together.

Communication Is King

It’s been said a million times and will likely be said a million more: communication is key to a healthy relationship. It’s very easy to know this tried and true fact, but sometimes putting this ideal into practice can be a bit more complicated. That’s where couples therapy comes in. A licensed couples counselor works to help each involved individual understand the dynamics that come with their relationship. The therapist is able to facilitate the communication of each individual’s motivations, assumptions and possible resentments. With the guidance of a knowledgable couple’s counselor, individuals are able to speak openly about the nature of their relationship. Emotions can be freely shared, translated and then applied to strengthen how the couple views one another.

A Look Through A Difference Lens

For many, it can be difficult to reconcile different viewpoints, especially when you have been coexisting with an individual for an extended period of time. Oftentimes, it can be easy to forget that each person views the world through a different lens, and those variances in perspective can differ, or even be completely opposite to, our own. For some couples, it can be incredibly difficult to reconcile these discrepancies between perspectives while simultaneously accepting that both viewpoints are equal. By engaging in couples counseling, it’s possible to bring an objective third party into the relationship communication loop. Communicating honestly and speaking to real emotions is essential, but having an unbiased opinion may allow each individual to better understand where their partner is coming from and what their view of the situation might be.

On The Safe Side

Along with being unbiased, couples therapists won’t have any particular loyalty to one person over the other. Unlike friends or family who are inclined to take sides, a good therapist will fully examine both parts of the relationship without judgment. This creates an opportunity for both individuals to speak freely and ultimately creates a safe space. When judgment is removed from the conversation, couples are able to discuss issues and make decisions without unwanted or negative feelings popping up. The neutral perspective of a therapist allows each individual to talk without the stress of being misunderstood.

Cope And Continue

Regular counseling can be a valuable tool in fostering and supporting a healthy couple’s experience. Taking an hour to devote entirely to the betterment of the relationship not only puts the relationship is higher regard but strengthens problem-solving skills and communication methods that will ultimately improve the moments spent together.



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