I crave to be loved
to be handled with care
yet experience rough encounters
to be massaged deeply without touch
and caressed in my sleep
to be kissed like you have reached your expiration date
and given enough space to miss and be missed
to be shown off
yet have frequent private meetups
to be hugged so tight
yet glance like strangers
that are constantly learning each other
to be provided security
with the illusion of openness
emphasized in stability
but thrives in chaos
to please
yet experience pleasure
to crave
yet be your craving.

by hoodo

I am currently putting my energy into myself while studying for the bar exam, and completing my first book. My favorite thing to write about is current events, my life or what is going on around me. Writing affects my mental health greatly as it is the best outlet! Writing puts me in a good zen-like mood. Harness empowers me as a woman because it is a no judgement, free flowing publishing platform just for women. It's a home, in a sense that you can feel comfortable as well as go to Instagram and find inspirational and self-care tips.


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