Creativity & Success

Creativity and success go hand in hand. The world’s most successful people all learned how to be creative in their chosen profession. This points to the strong link between thinking and creativity when living a successful life.

One thing people who have achieved a lot have in common is that they are observant. By studying the actions and behaviors of the people around them, they learn how to navigate the world personally and professionally. For example, many authors and artists gain inspiration through people watching.

They also know how and when to open themselves up to new opportunities. When they suffer a setback or face failure, they turn it into something positive and productive. By doing this, they can identify what leads them to success and what doesn’t, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and avoid making them again. This is one of the most significant keys to success.

Another key to success is knowing how to embrace the creativity of childhood well into adulthood. The most successful people make it a point to make time in their life for fun. It is the adults that never relax and enjoy life are often the least satisfied with it. This lack of enjoyment can lead to resentment and burnout and rarely leads someone to live a successful life.

Creativity and success also require a person to be flexible when it comes to life’s ups and downs. They are open to new ideas and experiences because they know they will gain valuable insight into the future. Flexibility also includes people’s ability to work when they are at their most productive and enjoy leisure activities when they know they aren’t.

Those who force themselves to try to be productive when they aren’t prepared often face more failures than those who don’t. This type of stress stifles a person’s creativity and makes success much less likely.

Many people also find that the more open-minded they are, the more creative they will be. They question everything they see and hear and are willing to entertain thoughts and ideas they may not initially agree with. These people are often skilled at daydreaming as well.

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by LisbethCherrington

Located in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Lisbeth Cherrington is a successful entrepreneur. Lisbeth and four other female founders created Smart Company Kids, a company that gives kids a financial education and teaches them about how it fits into their everyday lives.

Lisbeth, a longtime financial advisor, has been aware of the gap in financial education and Smart Company Kids allows her to get to the root and fill in the gaps of finance where traditional education fails. Lisbeth, or Libby as she's known to her friends and colleagues, has been able to develop a platform for home and school with the focus of learning through play. Libby believes that children are sponges and teaching them about finance early through fun and play can result in a great financial future.

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