How deep water does your soul go?

Will you realize one day, that I drowned my heart in the shallow end?

I didn’t trickle or dance in the black, marbled puddles—

I fell right into devil’s water.




It makes me sad how much

you can love someone—

and how little it matters.


The open-ended “why”

looked at you in many lights (and darks)

next to your unmade bed

and through the static of my kitchen radio.


Can’t a beautiful moment just be a beautiful moment?


Why do my hands hold your fears—

caught red-handed in the crossfire.

I’m tired of having these shards of glass

embedded in the cracks of my fingers—

the sharp-edged, “You f*cked us up,”

that chips away into emptiness… brokenness.


Can’t I just break down like a wilting rose—

slow and steady, but then all too fast

all too familiar— and say,

“All I ever did was love you.”




Author: Stacey L Herrle
Email: staceyherrle1@gmail.com
Author Bio: My name is Stacey Herrle. I am a driven writer and a full-fledged dreamer. To me, my writing and dreams go hand-in-hand. I derive my most inspiration for writing from personal experience, my heart and adventure. I want to be a writer who leaves a mark, who makes noise. I want to write artistic. To write fire. Electric. Raw. What is scary to write. Shake it up. Tell my truth. One day, I want to be a powerful voice for individuals who have trouble living what’s in their hearts– the feelings, the truths, the wants, the vulnerable windows and doors that want to open and share. To me, through writing, we have the opportunity to be our strongest selves– to be true to ourselves.
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