Crying in my Bed on a Wednesday Morning

Here we have the holy trinity
A rippling tide of firsts
The rippling tides of change.
History may be watching
But today – today HERstory is made.
On the same grounds where our ancestors protest,
They said we shall suffer in silence no more
We are suffragettes!
The first Latina member of the Supreme Court sworn in
By the first Black and South Asian Vice President of the United States.
This moment reverberated and celebrated by the youngest Inaugural poet in U.S. history.
Each a woman — the first woman of their kind.
Shards from the broken glass rain and tumble forth
We are simply First Ladies no more
We are the first women who rose and chose
We broke down that pearly white door.
We now offer steadfast opportunity and change
Thank you. — To the grit and pain that brought forth this reign.
To our fragile, enduring, and prevailing democracy,
Hear me as I humbly proclaim
Long lives the queens,
Today Herstory got its day.

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