They made her of glass, knowing she’d break. She wasn’t made to last. They put her in glass slippers and escorted her to the ball. 

Crystal didn’t want to go. They had made her to be a porcelain doll at the Prince’s side. She wanted so much more for her life, however short it would be. So when the Prince asked for her hand in front of everyone what else was she to do, but run for the hills? 

If only she hadn’t tripped over those stupid glass slippers. Shattered. Ugly. Unusable. Stripped of her pretty gifts and left for dead.

by MaileStarr

Hi! My name is Maile. I'm a 21 year-old woman who is working to become an author. I believe that storytelling is the best way to teach and the best way to learn. When I have free time, I enjoy reading, singing, crafting posts for my Instagram, and everything nerdy! I specialize in young adult, satire, and flash fiction writing. I'm a proud Colorado native who wants to see and try everything the world has to offer.


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