Self Improvement

Cultivating Self Love

How much of our time do we focus on self-love or self-care? Not enough people make themselves a priority because of the societal stigma of being “selfish.” We fill our days with distractions; it’s a click, like, or swipe of dopamine that fills us with good feelings. Then it’s time to go to sleep and all the distractions are put away. We’re lying there for a few moments in the stillness and darkness of the evening with no one but ourselves. It’s a vulnerable feeling. You are left with the choices, actions and feelings you have made for the day or are thinking about the ones you will deal with tomorrow. I find now more than ever how much we need self-love in our lives. In some ways, it can be a “treat yourself” moment, but it’s not enough. Self-love is about having to sit down with yourself and admitting “ok, something isn’t right, this isn’t working, and I need to change.” It’s time to start looking at the pieces in your life and think, “How is this benefiting me?” and decide to continue or change the outcome. It will be hard; you are going to win battles and lose some. It is through the journey of becoming more self-aware of our inner truths and what matters at our core that we develop and create a more positive life for ourselves.

by Samantha_Elizabeth.C

Hi! I am Samantha but friends and family call me Sammy! I am a Medical Assistant based in Southern California. Some things that bring me joy are reading, photography, and hanging out at coffee shops. Writing started as an outlet for me to express my daily life and that grew into a passion to dive deeper into my creative spirit. I love writing poems, stories, and about my journey with mental health. I hope to offer encouragement for people to seek their inner truths and embrace self-empowerment.

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