Curating And Presenting A Quality Jewelry Collection

Even in the economically challenging year that was 2020, the jewelry and personal luxury goods sector experienced only a 4% decrease, with branded jewelry making up 40% of the market. Jewelry continues to be a good investment, since metals like gold, silver and platinum (and the plethora of mined and lab-grown gemstones) see a consistent rise that proves attractive to those who curate their collections with a view to investment. If you’re building your own set of jewelry, the following tips will help you spend your money wisely, while also experiencing the joy of wearing beautiful designs daily.

Key Pieces To Own

Whether you have the budget for fine, demi-fine, or costume jewelry, making a list of key pieces to own is arguably the first step towards creating a beautiful, practical jewelry collection. Pieces like diamond pendants or a diamond tennis necklace, for instance, can be dressed up or down and can be worn daily – making them a great investment in your personal appearance. For inspiration on how to make a diamond necklace look more casual, check out beauty influencers like Chiara Ferragni, who layer up fine jewelry and youthful, trendy everyday pieces for an everyday look with a high ‘wow’ factor.

High-End Jewelry Purchases

If you’re serious about building a jewelry collection that you can one day hand down to future generations, it’s always a good idea to have at least one or two pieces from iconic firms like Cartier, Chopard or Tiffany & Co., since pieces such as Cartier’s Love bracelets and rings or Tiffany’s key necklaces simply never go out of style. Although it is always important to buy pieces that you will love and feel happy wearing, you should also choose wisely, opting for pieces that have been coveted and worn over the years by serious collectors.

Jewelry As Art

Artistic and designer jewelry pieces can be given a special spot in your collection by displaying them attractively. There are many ways to safely yet visibly keep jewelry. These include placing select items in open, layered jewelry boxes, crystal displays, and designer ‘trinket trays’. Stands are an ideal way to hang layers of colorful beaded and crystal jewelry. For more expensive pieces you wish to keep scratch-free, individual stands and in-drawer or jewelry closets (kept open) can house an array of pieces – including watches, brooches, and sparkly necklaces and bracelets.

Embracing Demi-Fine Jewelry

Those who are starting out in a jewelry collection may not have the budget required for high-end pieces, but they can always reward themselves with the feeling and look of luxury by buying a few demi-fine pieces. These are essentially designer pieces made with precious metals and techniques such as vermeil plating (in which a thick layer of gold is used to cover solid sterling silver). Vermeil lasts for a long time without staining, so provided you take care of your jewelry (keeping it safe from chemicals, detergents, skincare products, perfumes, and the like), you can enjoy its beauty for a lifetime. Top brands that specialize in demi-fine designer pieces include Monica Vinader, Maria Black, and Alex Monroe.

Curating a personal jewelry collection is a hobby that takes a lifetime to complete. Those with a budget for it can invest in various pieces from fine to demi-fine, and costume collections. Once you do start building up a collection worthy of sharing with others, display it prominently so that others can enjoy the sparkle that stunning pieces can bring.

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