Curse Words Have Lost Their Shock Value

These days, we communicate with different people, through the language in which we feel best fits that situation. For example, when talking to your boss, you are expected to use proper language, which would include: no slang, the use of academic words, etc.

When talking to a friend, however, you are more likely to become loose with your language, which would include the presence of curse words, slang and a different tone in which you talk. As an observing teenager of the year 2019, I have found differences in the way we talk to certain people, and how it is changing in its formalities. Curse words, therefore, have become desensitized to the human ear, and we have now perceived it to be normal and okay to use these words with almost everyone.  

Growing up I noticed the shock that would come when a child (who was not yet in high school) used a curse word. Entering high school, I found, it was less stressed for teenagers to not use curse words. By doing this, we are telling students that it is okay to use curse words as we get older, and that they become more acceptable as we age. When in fact, we should be stressing the dependence of more academic words as the adolescents’ venture into the working field, because it is unacceptable to curse in a work environment, regardless of occupation. 

Through English’s evolution, curse words have changed their meaning with the different values and generations that attach new meanings to the same words. For example, I find it absolutely repulsing, that people these days can utter certain words out of their mouths. The history of those words is something we should never repeat again; which is why those words were used as a derogatory terms during periods like segregation. Today, I see those words exchanged and it puzzles me.

Some people have explained it to me as using the word now to change the meaning into something good. But my argument to that is, you can never change the history of a word. And we should not change the meaning of words just to fit the new morals and traditions of generations as they progress. I find people who use those words ignorant of their meaning, and they should never utter it under any circumstances.  

Curse words used to be said in only the most dramatic events, and only by people who were not educated. Now, I go to school and find my own teachers sometimes slipping a curse word in when teaching. I was surprised entering high school, because by doing this, the teachers are showing that it is okay to use curse words in a learning environment; which could influence the student to not take their education very seriously. To that, many people can say, “Well, maybe they are just saying these words to emphasize.” You cannot tell me that an educated person does not know another synonym for the word fuck. End of discussion.  

by Miss Younas

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