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Dear Beloved…

“If you find yourself constantly proving your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your own value.” -Unknown

I have recently had a conversation with a friend about self-worth and not feeling good enough…and this was not my first time having this type of conversation. We talked about comparison amongst each other, and a desire to want to reach the next step in life. We talked about not feeling adequate for a desired career choice. We discussed the setbacks that create chasms between their goal and where they are now. We have opened about the struggles of watching their friends receive blessings that they have been fighting for too long.

During these conversations, I ask myself, what is it with the comparison in our generation? Why is it so prevalent even within me? Why is self-worth so diminished and hard to find within ourselves?  All these questions come pouring into my mind, some days consuming my thoughts. Then I begin to wonder and realize, these struggles that we deal with daily began at a young age and only progressed as we grew older. At what age were we told that otherwise? What age were we reminded of our worth and value in this world? For someone who has not been told of how immeasurable valuable you are, I believe you should be reminded.

Dear Beloved,

Oh, how precious you are. How worthy and infinitely beautiful you are just being you, and you alone. No one can complete who you are, but yourself. Your worth exceeds more than anyone can even fathom, no matter how blind they are to your value. Your uniqueness makes you uniquely different and extraordinary.

No one can be who are you because you are one of kind. You are strong and courageous. You are gorgeous and brave. Do not let anyone tell you any differently. Do not let anyone make you feel disqualified from the calling and gift that you possess because you do not meet their “standards.” What standards? Who determines the perfect standard? Do not let someone tell you you can’t because they do not view you as being able to. Prove to them you can! Show them their opinions and false beliefs do not define who you are. Manifest your talent. Does your gift need working on? Prune it! Nurture it! Water it! Let it thrive and bloom. As you continue to fail, keep trying! Who cares that this is your fifth failure in a row. Make it a sixth. Make it a seventh. But that eighth try will blow your mind! That eighth try will push you closer to your goal!

Oh Beloved, do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not let this world take your shine away. No one can offer what you can offer. No one can give what you can give. No one can succeed in what you can succeed in. No one will receive the blessing that is waiting significantly for you. Your value is your own value. A price that no one can ever meet or pay off.

Beloved, know that you are worthy.

You are loved.

You are cherished.

You are unique.

You are talented.

Dear Beloved,

…you are perfectly imperfect.  A rare individual. A beloved soul.

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by KenKen02468

I am an ice coffee lover, Enneagram Four, introvert, book reader girl that wants to share her writings with the world. Jesus has been my hero my Redeemer, my comforter, and my First Love since I realized I will never be satisfied with the things of this world. I love motivating and encouraging other people through my writings. Being authentic and raw is something that I cherish deeply. Being a voice for people that want to share their own stories is also something that I love doing. I am in love with capturing the treasure within someone else's story! I am super excited about using this platform as a way to connect with other women share what Jesus has and is doing in my life and being encouraged through other women.

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