Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I’m sorry for all the things I didn’t say. 

Like, thank you. For comforting me as a child. For spoiling me. For loving me. For teaching me to ride a bike and cleaning those scrapes on my knees. Thank you.

For teaching me that not everyone is a true friend. For accepting that I’m a girl and with that comes menstrual cycles and moods out of my control. It wasn’t always easy, I know, but you handled it well. Thank you. 

For being there at high school graduation to say “welcome to the real world.” For being my training wheels in life and letting go at the right moment. When I got my heart broken for the first time. Thank you. 

For telling me how beautiful I am every day. For the silly faces. For putting up with me on my bad days. For hugging me when I least wanted it, but you knew I needed it. For the forehead kisses. I miss them every day. For the love you spread and made me feel every day. Thank you. For everything. 

I miss holding your face in my cold hands and laughing at your reaction. I miss your laugh. I miss our talks and I miss your love. I miss you. 

I know you’re no longer suffering, but I selfishly want you here with me. You always made everything better. I know you’re watching me and I hope I’m making you proud. I love you. Thank you and I miss you so, so much. 


You’re grieving daughter

by Psanchez1289

Los Angeles based writer inspired by real-life stories and creating a woman empowerment movement one story at time. Lover of all things beach, dogs, ice cream and teas.


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