Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

An earthquake shook the ground on which we stand

and when the dust settled, there remained no sign of all those pebbles

they dispersed…as fleeting as my thoughts

Surprise walked right past my door as I sat inside

embracing the sunlight on my skin that January morning

even though it was that same morning that I lifted my mug to my lips, preparing to embrace the hot liquid warm my insides, and found the liquid disappeared

like a snowflake on warm pavement.

No proof it ever existed.

The sunlight still warm on my skin, I noticed

my shadow sat across from me

and I was reminded…

An earthquake shook the ground on which we stand

and brought about lamentable chaos and destruction.

Yet, the same destruction revealed the beauty in the ruin,

the gemstones that stayed in orbit.

The rays that warmed my skin

even when the liquid disappeared.

With Love,



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by Julia Mattis

BFA in Photography from the Ohio State University. Newly local New Orleanian. Appreciator of music, words and images. Always finding peace in movement.


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