Dear Parents:

Dear Parents:

Children being raised in neighborhoods or taught in schools that lack diversity is so common, and in these circumstances, it is very easy for youth to not understand the injustices that Black people face every single day.

But, what do you expect, parents, if you aren’t taking responsibility and teaching your kids to embrace people that are different from them? What do you expect, Moms and Dads, if you aren’t sitting down with and explaining to your offspring that People of Color are disproportionately killed, arrested, imprisoned, neglected in hospitals, treated less than and/or passed up for promotions at work, not hired, fired, impoverished, hungry, homeless, and much more? What do you expect if you ignore or pretend this isn’t happening or shield your children from the truth? What do you expect if you don’t talk about the history of oppression and acknowledge that systemic racism still exists against Black men, Black women, Black children to this very day?

Perhaps the mere thought of these words being uttered from your mouths is unsettling or uncomfortable. So, you don’t do it. Well, those feelings are just a fraction of the pain felt and expressed by Black people EVERY DAY. So, get uncomfortable.

I am a wife of a Black woman and a mother to a Black son. I have made a decision to birth a child in this world, so I should be held accountable for my actions and inactions. We all should be.

Anyone who chooses to raise children should be held to a higher standard, as we set the example for our future, as children are our future. And, if you aren’t woke enough to enlighten your kids, get woke. Otherwise, the fruits of your literal labor, your biological seed, your beautiful, innocent baby will grow up full of ignorance, if all they see, hear and experience is privilege by virtue of not being Black.

This is more than just tolerance. This is more than just saying racism is bad. Parents, please SHOW your children to embrace and love Black.

by jamieeimaj

Focused on holistic growth in mind, body and spirit, I have been on a tremendous journey of little big things and lots of nothing at the same time.

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