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Dear Universe, What day is it today?

Behind the scenes of highlights flashed through stories and articles of living your best life summarized of what life should be, we still never quite talk about how “mamma said they’ll be days like this.”

Why do we still seek perfection if it doesn’t exist? Life is not perfect, and no one knows how our days will end up until it’s morning debut rises. This is how all our days begin; it all starts as we awaken our eyes and reach for our phones, extra-large cups of coffee, clocks, glasses, our voices turned facing Alexa or a tightly rolled pack of flowers.

One day you don’t want to get out of bed, and you don’t know why. And it doesn’t mean you’re depressed, you literally just need a rewind button for five more minutes.

One day you listen to four hours of non-stop motivational and inspiring podcasts and are ready to face the world. One day you put gangster rap on and fade into the abyss of haters vs ballers shot callers because you ain’t that son fool so don’t get messy on the streets.

One day you wake up, and you’re in a sweet bliss of gratitude and in a deep calmness that not even the 405 traffic can perplex this insane deep Nam-Renge-Kyo tranquility.

One day you’re foaming out the mouth with ideas like Einstein on Adderall, and you’ve figured out the secret society, A1 sauce to conspiracy theories and you’re so woke that your pupils are bleeding out of your chakras. One day you feel so alive, so about your purpose and how it’s whistling through your ear canal like a soothing lyric amongst the noise of chaos. And you’ve muted all the judgment that wraps up our senses in this world.

One day you’ll ask, “does this matter?” And you’ll be contemplating and second-guessing every truth, fact, opinion or perceptions that come along the way.

One day you’ll curse out the next person who uses the word “energy, transcendence, positivity” in the same sentence because clearly, the universe wasn’t having your back when lousy news woke you up this morning.

One day you’ll wish, want, declare and release goals, dreams and desires on an 8×10 vision board for abundance. And you’ll become addicted and obsessed with the next Deepak Chopra 21 day medication course; nevertheless searching profusely to find an affordable soul-cation in India to experience your own “Eat, Pray, Love” Journey.

One day your boss or your client will be a total douchebag, and the only words you have for them rhymes with “knock off.”

One day you’ll wake up and eat a full box of Krispy Crème, bop your head to “YOLO” and impulse shop on Amazon until guilt kicks up at 2PM with your sugar crash and Checking Account notifications.

One day you’ll be scrolling on Instagram and part of yourself will begin to cringe and devour the mini-insecurities. You’ll second guess your job, body, life, partner, hobbies, cat, dog, bird, vacations. And you’ll quickly find your self on quora.com asking away.

One day you’ll run into an old colleague or school mate and begin meaningless conversations about the weather and pretend to accept an invitation to catch up on how he or she is now a partner at a law firm. They have a nanny, personal trainer and plastic surgeon on speed dial while you scoop up poop from Daisy and are covered in spit-up from your newborn.

One day you’ll lock yourself in the bathroom while your toddler screams and you give in to morning ice cream and cake, hours of screentime, avoiding to change a dirty diaper. And all you’ll want is a glass of wine at  9AM to help you to the finish line of 8PM. You begin to sob and doubt being a mother and settle for a game of Candy Crush to ease your meltdown with an afternoon session of Pinterest and reruns of the “Price is Right” as your background soundtrack; to indulge in some nostalgic memory of staying home from school.

One day you’ll look at the sunset from your front door with a yummy hot cup of coffee or tea and inhale the fresh breeze. And then it all goes away when you get the worst call of your life, that a family member just passed.

One day you’ll be on vacation and begin to feel a rush of sadness as the last day approaches, wondering how could you ever survive the rat race.

One day you’ll want to save the world, end poverty, cure cancer and give up your entire life to help others. But then realize you’re not Angelina Jolie and you go back to your regular scheduled programming.

One day you’ll have the biggest fight with your partner and think, “is this it? Will we survive? Who does this for one hundred years?” What does death do us part mean?” And you’ll feel like everything is against you.

One day you’ll write in your journal and planner random words and doodles. And while your imagination lifts off into another realm, you quickly realize you’re not in college anymore and need to get it together.

One day, after the first 24 hours of a new fitness regime, you’ll check yourself out on a full-size mirror looking for your peeking abs and guns.

One day you’ll love your life. One day you’ll hate your life.

One day you’ll get that raise, that business loan, that huge opportunity, that degree and think that you are on the highest of them all. And you’ll want to savor this day, this moment, so it can continue lingering into tomorrow.

One day you’ll pitch that product or service, write to that agent, go to that audition, bid for that contract and the thick layer of rejection comes down tumbling like a game of Jenga. You feel as if you are not good enough, and the Imposter Syndrome is breathing down your neck.

One day a stranger will say “thank you” with a warm heart. One day randomly the one you love, your child or your parents will tell you “I love you.” One day someone will say “I appreciate you.” One day someone will say “I am proud of you.” One day you will look in the mirror and embrace yourself with appreciation and self-love.

No matter what day it is for you, make sure you know that it’s okay to have all these days. A life worth living and the true definition of living your best life is knowing that each day will bring something different. Sometimes it might be great and sometimes it might be crappy. But know all of your days make up the best part of your road trip of life.

by Alicia Sanchez

Alicia Sanchez is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, podcast host and published writer. She has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Black Shopping Channel, endless publications and various fashion weeks with her fashion brand before she began writing. Dear God Are We There Yet? a movement to spark conversation about topics in our lives that may make our voice shake or make our souls smile. Let’s talk like it’s 1995; real and in living color.


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