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Dear Warrior

Dear Warrior, 


You deserve to have a warrior who will stick by you no matter what happens, 

Loving you unconditionally, ready to stand up and fight with you at every obstacle. 

You deserve girls’ nights and long talks into the witching hours, 

Baring your souls to your only confidants with the stars watching over your secrets. 


You deserve to go into these life battles with your fiercest ally, 

Fighting right alongside you with all her strength to keep you lifted up. 

You deserve to gain a forever sister, who will always walk beside you, 

Telling the hilarious story of how you met to everyone who will stop, listen and laugh along. 


You deserve to have a pillar of strength standing beside you at your wedding, 

Sharing in all your smiles and tears, celebrating you, your love and your friendship. 

You deserve to have someone there whom you can confess all the sweetnesses of love, 

As well as all the stings of anger and the bottomless pits of sadness. 


You deserve “I love you”s whispered against sweet, warm kisses, 

Words jumbled by the taste of meeting lips. 

You deserve a parking lot dance just because 

The music playing and it landed on a song that you both love. 


You deserve to see the smiles on strangers’ faces when they look at you, 

Admiring how cute you two are, showing off your love for everyone. 

You deserve to look across the lunch table while you have a break from work 

To see someone looking at you like they can’t believe how lucky they are to share your air. 


You deserve to be held as tightly as the stuffed animal we hold at night when we’re scared, 

And as gently as a baby bird that is just learning to fly. 

You deserve to find a hand that will fit perfectly with yours, 

With a heart that always has room for you. 


You deserve to have someone who believes you hung the moon, 

Looks at you with stars in his eyes, and wants to memorize every detail about you. 

You deserve to feel like the only one he even sees in the room 

The one he runs to when he’s happy or sad or just wants to feel your kiss. 


You deserve to collect the little moments, to create a scrapbook of all the wonderful things 

That you see and experience and to cherish them always. 

You deserve to laugh until your sides clench, smile until your cheeks hurt 

And love until your heart is swelled. 


You deserve to find the hidden magic in every little thing you touch, 

Everything you see and taste and experience. 

You deserve to watch the stars swirl around you, feel the wind tickle your hair and 

Be amazed by the things that no one can explain. 


You deserve to find each little puzzle piece of 

What makes you special and unique, that makes you the beautiful person you are. 

You deserve to feel, to experience, to know, to be, 

The one in a million you that you have created. 


You deserve all the things you never knew you wanted, 

But all the things that you have been given. 






Author: Kelli Anne Gecawich
Email:  kagecawich@gmail.com
Author Bio: Kelli Anne is a born and raised Jersey girl who now lives in Savannah, GA and works for a local non-profit. She is a freelance writer on the side, hoping to make her strong passion for writing creative nonfiction a part of her career path as well. Kelli Anne is a proud guinea pig mom to Peanut, and loves being able to lend an ear, a shoulder or a voice to those who feel like they are living in darkness.
Link to social media or website:  http://kagecawich.com 



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