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Dear You

Dear You,

I’m sure today could’ve gone better. You may have had a rough start. You could’ve smiled more, you could’ve laughed more, you could’ve gotten more done at work, you could’ve been nicer to your children. Maybe you had intentions of working out this morning and woke up late, instead, or you wanted to get up early and make your husband his favorite breakfast, but didn’t have all the ingredients you needed. Maybe you got angry at something small and just had a bad day.

Fear not, it’s alright. Tomorrow is a new day. The sun will still rise. The birds will still sing. The air will still be there to breathe. You’re never defined by what happens, you’re defined by how you respond. Didn’t work out today? No problem, work out tomorrow a little harder. Didn’t get to take your dogs to the dog park like you wanted? No sweat, play fetch in the yard when you can. These teeny-tiny setbacks are what help propel us forward. These small things (although, they often seem large) are what guide and direct us to be our ultimate self. They push us and challenge ourselves to be better and stronger the next day. So, when your alarm goes off, when you roll out of bed and when your feet hit that floor… Make it your day.


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by LeslieO

Hi there! My name is Leslie but those who know me call me Les. I am a mother to TWO beautiful children, I married a hunk, and we are living the dream in the beautiful state of Montana. Writing has always come natural to me and I truly believe that words can be powerful and pragmatic tools.

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