Death is the most permanent thing in life other than birth. We mourn, grieve and live in sorrow when a loved one transcends into the afterlife. We always say that we have lost a loved one. We no longer have them here with us. What we always forget is that they never belonged to us, to begin with. We do not even belong to us.

We own nothing more than memories and feelings. Those are the only things that are ours. We are souls experiencing life in human form. We are only allowed to experience other humans.

No one belongs to us. Time does not belong to us. We only have the time that is in our individual hourglass timer. We can not add more sand – like we cannot add any more hours. We come with a solid, set amount and no matter who we are in life and what we do, it cannot be changed. It is preset.

The only thing in life that is certain is death. You can question it, but I will give you a pro tip – that won’t undo anything. The thing you can make a conscious decision to do is LIVE. That is until your sand runs out.

by hoodo

I am currently putting my energy into myself while studying for the bar exam, and completing my first book. My favorite thing to write about is current events, my life or what is going on around me. Writing affects my mental health greatly as it is the best outlet! Writing puts me in a good zen-like mood. Harness empowers me as a woman because it is a no judgement, free flowing publishing platform just for women. It's a home, in a sense that you can feel comfortable as well as go to Instagram and find inspirational and self-care tips.


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