December Tarot + Animal Medicine

Mother of Wands + Fox Spirit

You may call me sly or you may call me sneaky, but I deign to call myself cunning and clever.
You may figure me a thief or you may figure me a pest, but I figure myself a thriver and a survivor.
You may believe me to bold or you may believe me to be brazen, but I believe myself to brave and resourceful.

I know I get a bad rap, but you forget to give me credit for all my strengths. For all my resources. For all my skills. You are quick to judge me, but all I am doing is trying to survive and thrive for myself and my litter. All I’m trying to do is get by.

We end this year with the Mother of Wands by our side, and Fox Spirit as our animal guide.
While I could see these two at odds with each other – the serpent protecting her nest from the fox – I actually see these two working symbiotically together.
This is bold energy. Brilliant energy. Exciting energy.
This is the energy of knowing who we are and actualizing it for ourselves.
This is the energy of having put it off all year and now boldly doing the work to step into ourselves.
This is the energy of grabbing the final 31 days of 2019 by the horns and manifesting all your wants and desires.

Much like Fox who gets a bad rap for being a sneaky pest and nuisance, manifestation is a word loaded with judgement for me. Too often I see manifestation being misrepresented as a prayer sent out into the universe that is magically going to get answered. I see it being misused as a means to desire and pray and wish really hard in order to get the things (often material) that we want. But for me, and for the Mother of Wands, this is a load of crock. True manifestation takes time and effort and work. Both she and I know this, and my wish is that you do too. To misrepresent manifestation as something that “magically” happens is to undermine the work we all put in to earn what we have gotten. And the reality is, we are all deserving and worthy of what we have earned and worked for.

So this month, with the bold and brave and spirited Mother of Wands as your guide, my wish is for you to actualize your heart’s desires by realizing that you have to put in the work to bring about what you want. There are no money, magic, moon or macaroon manifestation courses that are going to somehow just hand you what you think you want. You have to earn all of those things by putting in the work. Work for your dollars and cents however you have to; create and bring magic into your life through dedicated ritual and practice; bake the damn macaroons if you want to make cookies. WHATEVER it is, only YOU can create this life for yourself.

Fox Spirit backs you up with cleverness, with bravery, and with resources. Use what you have to your advantage. Be bold in going after what it is you require. Don’t give up until what you want is within your reach.

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is just about over. If you’ve been procrastinating, procrastinate no longer. If you’ve been sitting ideally by waiting for the universe to manifest something for you, don’t sit around any more. End this year by taking steps forward to where you want to be, with the people you want to be with and put in the damn work to manifest your dreams into reality. Be realistic about setting your goals for this last month, but in all reality, grab hold of the fiery energy that these figures are offering you and do something with it. Life doesn’t happen for you, you create it for yourself. So stop waiting and start actively manifesting that which you desire.

by Kim

Kim is a social worker, writer and intuitive reader. She has used the tarot to reconnect with her spirituality and engage in deep self-healing. She hopes to lead others to do the same. Kim is an advocate for mental health, wellness and authenticity. By day she works as a social worker in an educational setting; by night she reads tarot, makes magic, and cuddles her dogs.

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