decorate myself

i look at my reflection

my hands start to work

first my base

then my cheeks

a rose tint

that i sometimes carry on

to my delicate lips

brightness flows back into my eyes

green follows my lower lash line

now my ears

my ancestors wore heavy gold

our lobes stretch but i don’t mind

i wear suns on the sides of my head

spreading warmth with every step

i feel like the most me

when i’m decorated

when i’m appreciated

by my own self

the art i put on my body

are the gifts i’ve offered

to the gods

that live inside of me

i carry legacy

by Dannyfromtheblock

I'm a native New Yorker trying to figure out what life's about. My writing kinda keep me in tune with this journey because my purpose seems ever-changing. I love goats and I'm 4'11".


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