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5 Items To Invest In When Decorating A Room On A Budget

You and your bestie just picked up the keys to your new apartment; congratulations! Now for the fun part: decorating your room! If you’re ballin’ on a budget, the idea of decorating can be a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a comfortable and personalized living space on a budget is totally doable. The trick is knowing what to invest in and what you can buy on the cheap. Here are five items you should splurge on to create the perfect canvas for your ideal bedroom.

1. Containers — Work With The Space You’re Given

It’s no secret that clutter can make a room feel smaller (especially if your space is small to begin with), so make sure to utilize all the space you’re given wisely. The area under your bed is prime real-estate for storage. Pick up a few cute and durable containers, baskets or bins to effortlessly hide all of your non-essentials — I’m talking off-season clothing, extra bedding, crafts, you name it. This will free up a great deal of space, making your area feel more breathable, roomy and clean.

2. Throw Pillows — A Personal Touch

An easy way to add some visual interest to your bed top is with a carefully curated throw pillow collection. Throw pillows are a great way to highlight your color scheme, feature texture and add a personal touch to your space — so get creative with it! Plus, the options for pillows are endless. With a little digging, you’re sure to find plenty of chic and inexpensive alternatives.

3. Curtains — Design Around Your Lifestyle

Creating a comfortable living space has just as much to do with selecting the perfect decor as it does with choosing items that best fit your lifestyle. This definitely applies when picking out curtains. If you’re the type who can’t sleep with even the smallest glimmer of light, invest in some blackout curtains. Or if you’re a sucker for natural light (but value your privacy), opt for curtains that are made with a thinner fabric that allows natural light to peer through even when closed. Spending a little extra on a good pair of curtains right off the bat lessens your chances of having to purchase a second pair later on.

4. Plants — Liven Things Up

Breathe some life into your space by adding a plant or two (or twenty). Incorporating greenery into your space can make your area feel less stark and cold, and more natural and relaxed. If you don’t play nice with potted plants, no worries, try cacti or succulents instead. They require far less effort but still give off the same warming effect.

5. A Rug or Carpet — Don’t Neglect Your Base

If you feel like your room is missing something, but can’t quite put your finger on it, look to your floor. A bare base can make a room feel unfinished and not lived in. Easily elevate the entire vibe of your space by dressing your floor with a carpet or rug — extra brownie points if you go for a bold statement piece!

Who else out there is decorating their new spot? Share your experience in the comments below!

Author: Erica Waters
Email: ericadawnwaters@gmail.com
Author Bio: Growing up as a TCK, Erica Waters considers herself a lifelong nomad (who just happens to be living in NYC at the moment). She jumps at any opportunity she can to travel and never passes up a karaoke night with friends. Erica is a matcha-loving, dog-adoring blogger at ericadawnw.com, focusing on beauty, lifestyle and body-positive topics.
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