Defining Your Happiness

Do you remember having to look up vocabulary words in English class? For me, it involved the use of a large hardcover dictionary; for some of you Dictionary.com or a similar website may have been your source. No matter what source was used, you found that most words were not limited to one definition, but often there were multiple meanings.

Happiness is a trending term. It is a broad word that many try to define narrowly. Many self-help books have been written on it, public speakers hold seminars and conferences about it, life coaches offer their services to help guide you to it….

What does it mean?

Just like many other words, happiness has more than one definition. Dictionary.com gives two: the quality or state of being happy is the first and most basic meaning, and the second is good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy. So now that we have it defined, how do we reach this state of being happy? How do we obtain good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy? Is it something to be pursued or do we already have it innately in us?

My Happy/Your Happy

For some happiness is attached to material things and social status. Careers, money, houses, cars, designer clothes and jewelry are the indicators of happiness for them. Relationships are the source of happiness for many: significant others, family and friends determine whether or not they are happy. Others equate a spiritual connection to happiness. Having a relationship with God or their ascribed higher power defines their happy. I think that happiness is innately within us and that sometimes it gets buried underneath some “stuff” but it still lives. For me, God is the main source of my happiness, but I believe that contentment with my relationships, career and having some of the material things that I desire further contribute to it.

What does happiness mean to you?

How you choose to define your happiness is just that, your choice.  Choose it on your own terms.


Author: Tanika Feaster
Email: mrsfeaster7@hotmail.com
Author Bio: I am a writer/blogger/entrepreneur, wife and mother who enjoys the simple things in life. Spending time with my family, reading, journaling, traveling and learning and experiencing new things are my favorite pastimes.
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