Departure- trust the abandonment

Is it really heart break or was your heart yearning to be opened?

It is a huge weight to carry when you have misplacing your worth. You might have good intentions and you might be that person that puts more on your plate than you can bear. Why? It is in your best interest to cater to what your soul needs and it is also for the greater good of the whole to take your focus and place it back on yourself- with resilience.

Abandonment is a wound that we may not fully understand- but it is something we feel- and deeply so. There’s a continual need to be connected to have love- when the reality is the Universe is pushing you to love yourself and connect to your own needs consistently. When something abruptly comes into your life and it feels instantaneously right, I would hope that you would slow down instead of jump in head first. Dear soul, self mastery is prudent- there is no timeline to healing- there is no healing that occurs in one moment. Yes, it may have been love and yes it touched your heart, but when this person or situation must leave for it’s own growth, I urge you to see how this is a direct reflection of what you truly need to see. You must grow too, and you have grown.

Abandonment is scary- the word itself is heart wrenching. But for you to abandon yourself is the the deepest pain and the scariest of all is it not? How quickly you might stray away from yourself to momentarily avoid a deep rooted pain. Don’t ignore that pain- it is your hidden strength- it is a jewel to place towards your collection of enlightenment. Let your abandonment lead you to grasping yourself once and for all, and in this you will find the greatest love of all time. Entrust in the beauty that comes from gracefully placing your boundaries. There is no room for judgement anymore. Those are are afraid- those that are timid- those that have grown bitter of love- have pain


The love that you cultivate for within. The space you allow yourself to grow and to bloom from the inside out.  Accept the invitation to leave the wound and become your truth.



by Jaskiran

Jaskiran means Ray of Light. I am on a journey of love and light, and writing reflects all that I am inspired by. Each poem I write, each story is guided by spirit, and has its own ray of color to shed. I trust in the power of the Universe and that each of us are balls of energy, one day we will all immerse and burst into a symphony. It's magic.

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