Developing This One Skill Got Me Out Of The Projects And Made Me A Designerlebrity™

Before I explain what designerlebrity is, I love it when I have to explain where I came from. You see people have a hard time believing I was born and raised in one of the most volatile public housing projects in Brooklyn. In fact, Marcy Projects was made famous by the notorious rapper and business mogul, Jay Z aka, Beyoncé’s husband, also aka, Shawn Carter as I knew him instead of just being my neighbor.

Marcy was an unique environment that taught you things and forced you to develop certain skills at a very young age. Not to repeat what Jay Z may have said on Oprah’s Master Class, but Marcy did teach us how to survive. It instilled in us toughness and the values of integrity, honesty and even an unwavering sense of paranoia. As insane as it may sound, it was a brilliant upbringing that helped build character and develop the most valuable skill I believe people should learn to trust…their instincts.

I’m sure you have heard over and over again from many successful entrepreneurs that the best tool they used to be great at what they do was to trust their instincts. But how do put trust in something you yourself may not fully understand? How do you develop this “skill” when essentially it can not be taught at school or to be straight with you, by so many business coaches out there?

The best answer I can give you is simply in one word; Experience. It does not have to always be your experience, but the experiences of others too. The beauty of instincts is that we all have them. We all have the capabilities to hone in and tap into an experience to help strengthen our instincts so we can develop them enough to trust them. Plus there is no age limit to learning this and the sooner you start the more confidence you get to making both life and business decisions with no regrets.

I had so many experiences I tapped into not only to get my butt out of the projects, but to build my career. I didn’t have access to money, connections or a great education. I couldn’t even count on good advice from own family. I remember telling a relative I wanted to own something so I could see my money and not visit it at a bank. I wanted to invest in real estate and I was advise to marry well, have babies and move to a “safer” project. (Seriously that was his advice!) This coming from a man who never married, had three baby mothers, 4 kids and lived in the apartment next door.

That experience I used to develop my instincts on learning about real estate which led me to getting my real estate license at the age of 20. I started purchasing rundown buildings in the nicer neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens and fixed them up to flip for huge profits. I was able to make my first million by the time I was in my late 20’s.

Which leads me to Designerlebrity™. I’ll share a tip with you on how to develop your gut instincts, but you may not like it. You must learn to ask for advice and then learn not to take it. In most cases that is. Just like I opted not to listen to my family when I shared my dream with them, the case was proven again when I wanted to pivot in my career. I’m still an investor in real estate, but my passion steered me to the world of interior design.

I’ve done very well with my investments and have created a great life for myself and my family, but I owe all of it to having good instincts. In 2012 I started my first LLC business. A consulting firm helping boutique interior designers learn how to organize and manage their own businesses. My clients range from a single business owner to celebrity status with an entourage. Some you may have seen on TV. It was the celebrity interior designers that really sparked something in me, so I labeled them; Designerlebrity.

Some designerlebrities live the lifestyle and have the same aura as Hollywood celebrities, but no one was really taking notice and putting it out there like that. So I told their fabulous stories on my social media and my unfiltered yet humorous style caught the attention of a new television network in 2014. I was approached with an opportunity to have my own talk show! Guess what my instincts told me?

Well first and instinctively I wanted to get advice. I had no clue how to create a show, let alone host one. I spoke with a few people about this opportunity that range from professional to personal. I was hit like gun fire with “You have no television or show producing experience. If it fails it could affect your current business. A show focusing on celebrity interior designers won’t be as good as talking to real celebrities.” I was getting so much negative feedback that for a moment I was going to ignore my gut. Then it was the story I heard from a friend who had such a horrible experience herself going on reality TV that she was imposing her fears on me. This is when I realized that sometimes the advice you get are coming from a place of insecurities or fears from that person that knowingly or unknowing can be imposing them on you.

My gut read into all that advice and broke it down for me. There is a TV network willing to give you five figures to learn how to create, produce and host any show idea you want. How the hell could you not try? Turns out my gut and an incredible team I selected to help me bring my idea to life was a hit. Designerlebrity Talk aired on The Design Network Nov 2014 and catapulted Designerlebrity™ into a brand. Since the show ended I was asked back twice for a second season, an opportunity to host another TDN show, contribute articles to lifestyle magazines and produce speaking engagements for high profile industry events. I say all this to you as what if I took all that advice I received to heart and ignored my gut? Who knows if Designerlebrity™ would have come to fruition?

Now Designerlebrity™ is an online news media brand spotlighting the latest celebrity interior designer news. I get to hit talk show circuits to dish on what designerlebrities are upto and what the public should consider buying, watching and straight up believing. I’ve never regretted the choices I’ve made that got me here. At times it was hard to listen to my gut when it told me to separate myself from certain people that included family, friends and even colleagues. It gets harder too when you start to really evaluate opportunities because you have to listen to your gut to ensure an opportunity is a right fit for you, your family and not just a great pay day. Even in health when you see or hear or personally experience someone going through an illness, your gut speaks to you to take better care of yourself. Your gut helps you understand there are limits and deadlines to all experiences, but you can embrace them confidently by simply trusting your instincts. I hope my experiences has help you and I thank you for sharing this experience with me.


Author: Barbara Viteri
Email: hbic@designerlebrity.com
Your Bio: Bio: Barbara Viteri is the creator and HBIC of Designerlebrity.com. With a mission to be the #1 online news media platform spotlighting celebrity interior designer news, video, pics and more.

Website: www.designerlebrity.com
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