Did Someone Say Self-Care?!

If you’ve picked up a magazine, scrolled through social media, or turned on a TV recently, then you must have heard some talk about self-care; but more importantly, the need for dedicating yourself to it. Self-care is literally what it sounds like… taking care of yourself, mentally and physically. 

After a week of working, going to class, homework, meetings and all the other tasks that fill up your to-do list, I know you’re drained (because I’m drained just thinking about all that). So I’ve asked around and the results are in, Self Care Sunday is officially a must. Because you deserve it. Setting aside a specific day or time to commit solely to your needs is so important to your health. Finding ways to practice self-care, no matter how small, will not only improve your mood but your overall relationship with yourself. No one’s gonna care for you the way YOU care for yourself. 

So here’s a list of awesome ways to treat yo’ self this Sunday that’ll leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the week to come. 

First things first…  get some sleep! 

 During the week, mornings are usually rushed and your mind is filled with all the tasks for the day ahead. Use this day as a chance to catch up on all the sleep that your body’s been missing. No alarms, no to-do lists. Let your body decide when it’s ready to wake up. 

*If you’re naturally an early riser, stay in bed a little longer this morning. Use this time to relax or even meditate before starting your day. 

Eat a full breakfast

That’s right. We’re eating an actual breakfast today. The more luxurious the better. Skip the cereal and breakfast bars, and have yourself a breakfast so delicious that it’ll make the rest of your week jealous. Whether that’s going to brunch with the girls, having breakfast in bed with bae or getting some quality alone time. A good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day. 

Get in some exercise 

Once you’re ready to fully embrace the day and get moving, try getting in a little exercise. I’m not talking about hardcore cardio (unless you’re into that). Going for a brisk walk or jog is a great way to get your heart pumping and the fresh air will do you good. If you’re not an outside person, try a yoga class. (Even if you stay in child’s pose the entire time, there’s no judgment!). The point is to release some endorphins, endorphins make you happy… who doesn’t want to be happy?

Any exercise, no matter how easy, can have you feeling recharged and that’s the whole goal here. 

Plan for the week ahead 

Ok, so this one isn’t as fun as brunch or yoga but trust me getting some homework or chores out of the way will make your week a whole lot easier. Planners are great for keeping track of upcoming appointments or assignments, so get one. Getting organized ahead of time is a lifesaver.

Read that book you’ve been eyeing or take up journaling  

Carve out some time in your day to sit down and read. With all the reading that has to be done for class and all the things we have to do during the week, it’s hard to spend time reading the things you enjoy. Whether it’s a trashy gossip magazine or your favorite novel, give yourself some uninterrupted reading time. 

If journaling is more your thing, taking time specifically to write can be extremely beneficial. writing down how you feel can open you up to noticing what truly makes you happy or what your needs are. 

Unplug for the day

Give social media a break for the day! If that’s too hard, try going the first and last few hours of your day without it. When you unplug from your digital life it gives you time to connect with your physical life. 

Go to the spa or bring the spa to you 

When we think of self-care we think of relaxing. And what says relaxing more than a spa day. If going to a spa for massages and facials aren’t in your budget (because honestly who’s is), have a spa day at home. Get yourself a bath bomb (I prefer one with flower petals), light a nice smelling candle, slap on a face mask and ta-da! You created your own spa. If you wanna turn up the volume on relaxation, have yourself a nice glass of wine and soak all your stress away in a warm bath. And while you’re at it give your hair some love. Throw on a hair mask or some deep conditioner to have your hair feeling as clean and refreshed as the rest of your body. 

Binge your favorite shows

This is the time to catch up on all the tv shows you were too busy to watch during the week. Make some popcorn, grab your wine and melt into your couch. 

Wine, wine, and more wine

Because it is still technically the weekend and nothing says relaxation like a nice glass or two (or three) of your favorite wine. But don’t forget to eat! There’s nothing worse than a hangover on a Monday morning. 

And last but definitely not least, more sleep!

You should already be relaxed from your bath/spa time and if that didn’t do the trick, I’m sure the wine did. Now it’s time to get into your most comfortable pajamas and get some rest. Going to sleep early will have you waking up feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever Monday has to bring. 

*Putting a little lavender oil or spray on your pillow before bed can help you feel calm and fall asleep easily. 

Regardless of how many things you choose to do from this list (maybe all of them, maybe none), the main goal is finding what works for you. Here’s the deal with self-care Sunday: it doesn’t have to be massages or yoga, it doesn’t have to be getting out of bed at all or drinking wine, it doesn’t even have to be on Sunday if you don’t want it to be. The true meaning behind self-care Sunday is simple, you have to choose to love and nurture yourself. So take the time to dedicate a day to do the things that truly make you happy. Things that make you feel relaxed and free. And most importantly, things that will help you kick ass this week. 

by Lsettles

Hi, I'm Latoya! I am a Social Media Manager based in New York. My desire to be a writer started at a very young age and is finally taking off. I've recently started a lifestyle/wellness blog called Surviving: My Twenties. My goal in sharing content is to empower and inspire women.

I am a self-care enthusiast and feminist. In my free time, you can find me reading, doing yoga, or obsessing over Pam and Jim from The Office.


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