Dig Deep

The urge for change arrives like the pitter patter of a drizzly rain.
But awareness builds.
And builds.
Until a sheet of rain encompasses us.
Left directionless. Senseless.
How do we know where to turn if we aren’t quite sure where we are?
Begin by setting your own example of the lifestyle you admire. Start with the little things. Clear both a physical and mental space that will allow you to breathe, see, create, grow.
We choose our direction of growth. And when awareness leads us to this space to fine tune our intent, trimming the fat becomes necessary.
For the seldom seekers, ridding the excess is likely to hit like a wall. Cause there’s a lot. People, places, things — anything that takes up space in life requires attention.
It’s tedious, yet overwhelming. Boring, exciting, frustrating.
Trends you thought you threw away may resurface. Clutter comes again. But the difference now is that you notice them. Compare the version of yourself with them to the version you are without them. Which one breathes easier? Go from there and weave along through the process.
Momentum builds and it carries you. Becomes you and seasons you to a point of no return. More focused and decisive, you grow. Not toward an end goal, but toward a well-intentioned lifestyle with mindful maintenance.
Stay true to your values that support your initiatives and trust in your passion. It’s powerful. Be your own inspiration. Create yourself.
Dig deep now so you won’t have to dig deeper later.
Keep trying new things and don’t get blinded by the rain. We’re always growing.

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by ralywa

Rachel Lynn Watts is an Indy based creative who writes to explore. Writing is her own inspiration that is derived by her life experiences, serving as the catalyst for personal growth. She hopes to provide encouragement through her words that others can use as their own, when they need it and how they need it. A deep thinker. A space maker. She's inviting others in to break open, stay grounded, and ride the wave.


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