Disconnected Connections

Everybody loves social media
Showcasing the glitz and glam

But what about the true story
The one you can’t see with a camera in your hand

The story where you’re alone
You’re crying

And No one seems to know
That you’re actually struggling
Struggling to keep it all together
Struggling to keep from making decisions
That can cause life changing tethering

What if I showed you the real behind the scenes
Would you still be proud of me

Or would it remind you too much of the lies
You try to hide
Just for likes, comments and YouTube streams

What do you do when love forgets to meet you at the door
It forgets to shower you with gifts
You thought you deserved
Love decided it no longer lives here
It can’t take up space
In unwanted areas
There’s no connection here

It’s like when Instagram goes down
And all you see is the refresh screen
You press and release
Just to be met with the same screen
Blank spaces
Blank faces
Just a reminder of
what was supposed to be.

I’m not perfect
Really no one is

But for enough likes, shares and stories
I can give you the updated version of me
The one that no one gets to see

As if scrolling through social media
Provides a real life for you

I mean it’s kind of like what Drake said
People showing you pictures of
people they don’t even really know.
Reposting pictures of that vacation they took
But they fail to mention when they came back
They were really broke
Not just with money
But in spirit
Because when they log off that screen
It’s back to reality!
Disconnected connections
Disconnected energy

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by Hiighoffarii

I am a Creative Entrepreneur. A lover of Poetry, Self Care and working in TV/Film


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