Divine Time

It’s in this moment that I’m reminded of the quiet condo days.
When I would secretly ask myself if I missed the turn to you.

Even though, when I tuned in deep enough I could always feel your creative potency unraveling my life and restringing it with passion.

The way you come into my life and leave every part of my vessel craving you.

The seeds we plant together are abundant dreams fueling our deepest passions and honoring our highest selves ~ when we work together – time stops.

This is what I crave. This is what I see. This is what I feel. This is why I trust.

All is in Divine Timing.

by Kate Kay

I am Katelyn, a writer and teacher who is holding space for the collective shift. I am an Intuitive Yoga Coach, Entrepreneur, Wellness Event Coordinator, Cannabis Content Creator, Facilitator of Healing and Artist. I am owner of Yogi Magick since 2017 where I have led yoga retreats, classes and workshops for awakening. We now strictly focus on being a support system as an Awakening Coach through the Yogi Magick Network. In 2020, MoonPhase Events was born being based out of both the Denver and Cleveland areas. We are Wellness Event Coordinators who are holding space for the shift for Cannabis Reform and Plant Education as well as forgotten healing arts. Our intention is to courageously hold space for events to
shift the public’s awareness to acceptance through education. We understand the importance of connecting with your higher self and utilizing plants medicinal benefits for healing. We will hold space for the collective shift. Follow us at @moonphasedenver @moonphasecleveland


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