don’t close your eyes

We are hiking two sides of a mountain, we have no choice but to summit at the same time.

You won’t go too close to the edge, for you have a fear of heights.

I am crouched, hands entangled and grasping at the rocks and roots.

You will help me release my grip, so I can put my hands in yours.

I will convince you that this time, I will not let go.

We will embrace and sweetly lean into the open air. Down, down, we will go. Smiling and laughing, twisting bodies intertwined.

by charlotterking

I like to read and write and better myself and make the lives of my loved ones easier and happier. My career passion is marine and wildlife conservation. I’ve been a zookeeper, teacher, water quality tester, nanny, peace corps volunteer, yoga studio worker, bartender...basically, a bunch of stuff except a writer.


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