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Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up my sweet friend

Do not give in to that temptation

With patience and practice, I promise joy will be found


Don’t give up my sweet friend

Do not let the devil win

With strength and determination, I promise joy will be found


Don’t give up my sweet friend

Do not worry about how much you have sinned

With forgiveness and love, I promise joy will be found


Don’t give up my sweet friend

It may feel like the end

Through sacrifice and pain, one day joy will be found


Stand tall my sweet friend

If you made it this far now your life will begin




Author: Melissa Dorres
Email: 220.melissa@gmail.com
Author Bio: Melissa is a bass player and singer/songwriter in the band When We Met. When not playing music, writing songs, stories and such, Melissa cuts hair at the cool little boutique salon, Gamine, in Portland, Oregon.
Link to social media or website: http://melissadorres.com/about


by Melissa Dorres

Musician, hairdresser and writer.

I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years as a haircutting specialist. After working in the salon and as an educator for years, I was able to make the time to follow my passion for music. I took private lessons on bass guitar and eventually went back to school to study music theory and business. Now, and for the past 5+ years I have been playing bass guitar, singing and writing for my band When We Met, an experimental indie rock duo. We play locally and tour nationally.

In addition to writing music, I love writing in general.
I have written a poem for Harness Magazine "Don't Give Up" and a long essay on how to go about buying a bass guitar and all it's other gear for She Shreds Magazine , "Getting Bass-ic". (print issue 15).


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