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~Don’t Neglect your needs /you are responsible for your life~

Genuine Beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities.

William Bridges 

By helping your present self you are helping your future self, do the best you can do right now to

Treat yourself like somebody you are responsible for, you are, and there is no doubt about it. Begin to ask quality questions to yourself, how am I treating myself? Are you treating yourself like you treat a good friend? Or you don’t even know what it means to treat someone or yourself well….Because these too happen. Sometimes we are so mean, not compassionate, and cold to ourselves and others without even realizing it.

Ask yourself, do I despise my life? And what should I do if I feel resentment and bitterness towards my life? I had to make those questions to myself, was very hard to confront my deep dark thoughts and feelings and the answers were scary but at least I told the truth to myself and from there I decided the course of my journey.

It’s easy to become jaded, complain and blame, the state of the world and our lives seem more difficult and chaotic, but I had to learn to look at myself and decide if I was going to become the victim of things that I cannot control or it was going to stand up for myself, make quality questions and change bit by bit what I could change, by recognizing my needs.


~Reclaim your right to feel/Get Down to what matters~

Our emotions, our needs are expressions of our biology. They are as natural and essential to our life.

We feel and need things for a reason, if there is an emotion something matters.

Emotions are the primary ways the body-mind signals about our needs.

We can see them as information and all emotions are okay to feel; we can learn the wisdom in emotions.

Pay attention to them and remember attention is an act of connection, to yourself, to your needs.


Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: No one to blame.

Erica Jong

You could say but I don’t know what I feel, don’t worry, It’s common to not know how we feel, sometimes we even feel numb or simply feel things intensely. There is no right or wrong way to be. Most of us were socialized women especially to ignore or negate our personal needs and feelings we were thought to believe that our needs don’t matter, our emotions don’t matter but it’s a lie.

You need to know what’s important to you, needs are the core values that motivate our actions. They are the root reasons for why we want what we want.

We have a constellation of needs but there is an important piece to remember in this needs business, some needs can be met and some can’t this is part of being human and leaving on the planet with other beings that have their own needs.

Mourn the losses of the needs that were not met, it’s okay to be sad, feel frustrated but know that you can meet the needs that others sometimes can’t. Your relationship with yourself is the primary and most important relationship you have, honor yourself.

It’s important to develop an inner resource to meet life with balance, and letting go.

Question yourself when you face unmet needs: Are things always supposed to go my way? Learn to mourn, feel, and meet the pain of loss with patience and love.

Turn inwards and give to yourself what others can’t, bring empathy and compassion to yourself.

I have made my world and it is a much better world than I ever saw outside.

Louise Nevelson


~Give yourself a Break/be self-compassionate~

Malevolence towards ourselves paralyzes us it won’t help. Life holds challenge and danger and these facts won’t change its inevitable.

Exercise the proper choice of awake beings instead of navigating in sorrow and desperation, if we want to take care of ourselves properly, we have to respect ourselves.

Credit yourself for acting productively say the wins of your day even if they are small it’s important to celebrate yourself, don’t degenerate into the hell of resentment and the hatred of your being.


In a Dark Time, the eyes begin to see. 

Theodore Roethke

Write a letter of apology to yourself, you are morally obliged to take care of yourself, you are important to other people as much as to yourself.

Think about it, what might my life look like if I were caring for myself properly?

What career would challenge me and render me productive, fulfilled, and energized?

What should I be doing, when I have some freedom, to improve my physical and mental health, expand my knowledge, amplify my creativity, and strengthen my body?

You need to know who you are so that you understand and start to chart your course.

You need to know who you are so that you understand your armament and build yourself up in a way that is aligned with your being, with your needs.


A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.

Albert Szent-Gyorgi 

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by artandotherstories

Emília Duarte is a Mozambican multidisciplinary artist , she interconnects writing, illustrations and painting. Her art is the ultimate expression of what most presses her mind. She is largely inspired by the beauty of things in her surroundings - details in the built environment-her travels and the relationship individuals have with their objects move her deeply.
The artist has a spontaneous relationship with art, emotional and visual sincerity are crucial; as Picasso said, "I put in my pictures everything I like" and that is exactly what she does.
Writing plays a crucial role in Emilia Duarte's life, it is impossible to think about painting or drawing without writing her emotions or reflections.
Emilia Duarte holds a degree in organizational psychology, a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, a degree in journalism and has a background in fashion design.


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