Don’t Wake Me Up

I can’t catch my breath.

I just need another moment with you.

The alarms and whistles continue to ring around me, trying to bring back to life what has been a shell of a ghost since your departure.

Their hands claw at my chest, that vessel we shared won’t let me retrogress

How is it struggles to beat without you, the ignorance of it, I can’t stop how it yearns for you.

I need you, but I don’t have a way of letting you know this.

And my dreams won’t let me forget it, drowning me in reminiscence of you.

Ignorance is my bliss, a bliss I can only find subconsciously.

If this is a dream, keep me here, don’t let me wake me up.

For this is the only place, I can feel your touch, where pain does not assault me, contaminating all those memories of us.

Call me a fool, call me irrational for still aching for you. Embracing this fantasy will lead to tragedy, but it’s still a blessing in disguise if I am transported to you.

Reality is confronting me. Please, please, please . . . Don’t wake me up.

I don’t want to catch my breath; I don’t need the oxygen in my lungs.

This life is no longer valid without you.

Please leave me with this peace; I want to dash away from the agony trying to overcome me.

Let me run, don’t let them catch me.

Memories battling this bitter reality!

They’ll take me away from my final destination.

I need to be there, in the pure blinding light that resonates around you.

I’ll be waiting for you to come near, letting myself float forever in this abyss of fleeting hope.

I need you, I need your caress, like a fiend I crave the rush.

For I’m no longer a conscience in this sliver of existence, transparent like the murkiest of diamonds, once beautiful but warped with time.

In the morning, I’ll be able to breathe; In the dawn, reality will steal these visions, but at this moment, I need the submergence.

Hold me here, don’t let me go, grace my lips with a token of your kiss.

Our time is over . . . I’m catching my breath though I fight to keep this version of you.

I have to catch my breath; I have to face existing without you.

by TionaHSapphire

I am a proud graduate of two degrees, I am a daughter, I am a friend, but most importantly, I am flawed and beautifully me. I am an openminded individual with a unique spirituality that I will not compromise for anyone. Dwelling in my truth exposes and remedies the pain, joy, happiness, and scars that have manifested within me. Surviving different tribulations within my life helped me discover within myself the definition of realness, loyalty, and artistry. Embracing the bittersweetness that comes with living through my past and present experiences helped established a young black princess into the queen she is today.

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