Am I the only crazy
in this world where
everything seems so hazy?
Bustling city crowd,
hustling footsteps,
empty hellos as folks scurry around.
Nine to five,
precise, like clockwork,
ego in check, pride tucked in,
no mistakes allowed
—somehow, they’re keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

I, on the other hand,
guess I’m living in La La Land.
My words are my only friends,
bubbled up in dreams,
stillness surrounds
as I walk amidst the frantic crowd.
No agenda,
no bounds,
just reaching for the stars
with my head in the clouds.
Am I the only dreamer,
a lone sleepwalker in this awoken world?

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by gabriellanguyen

Gabriella is a young aspiring writer and poet with a background in Marketing and Business Management. Her passion for writing stemmed from countless nights lost in pages of classic books she read as a kid. Recently quit her 9-to-5 to pursue her calling, Gabriella hopes to move hearts and minds with words that genuinely come from her core.

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