Dual Being

“I am learning to grow from the duality of my life”

Between the light and the dark
The little moments of belonging
and the never-ending abyss of loneliness
Between utter joy
and complete loss
Between survival and sustenance
Doing what is needed versus what is wanted

are all these feelings not but two sides of the same coin?

The pain and the joy
the self-assurance and the self-doubt
appreciation and depreciation
The good and the bad

They are all rooted in this body—
this flesh—
This being who has not yet realized the power within this duplexity

The contrast of these feelings—
allow me to live and to grow
To think ahead and to reflect
And ultimately just be.

“I am learning to grow from the duality of my life”
so maybe someday I will be completely in the light

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by CandidlyStachel

Stachel is a recent college graduate on a journey aimed at finding and sharing inner peace, happiness and acceptance, all while spreading the idea of authenticity and living in one’s truth. Through reflection, gratitude, poetry and advocacy for what she believes in, Stachel hopes to encourage others to step into their truth. Her writing is a sneak peak into her psyche and through sharing she aims to better connect with others, with the main goal of developing and strengthening her voice.


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