Real Stories


When I encounter something that’s written well. Something profound. Carefully crafted. Thoughtfully organized. Reads like butta’. I make the same face a lot of guys make when their favorite verse goes “off”. When they run back the song, I re-read the page. Stank face. Fire. Bars. I literally say “bars” afterward.

Really it’s the exact same thing without the music. The words stand alone and sound so good.

When someone is able to articulate a thought so specific and clear. The usage of words and arrangement of ruminations.

I hate reading aloud. But I’ll read that paragraph with my chest because I want to make sure I heard it clear. Heard it with my own ears. 

I like what you did there author; I like what you did.

Where is my highlighter. I need to be able to come back to this when I’m in the mood to be impressed. The perfect use of words organized in a way I wished I’dve thought. Make me fall in love with a word so much I google it. Don’t let me slip up and Google it. Sounds too good to be a real word. Let me check.

I’m Impressed.

It feels like that gif. Black dude OMG. It stuns you in a way. It moves you. The reason speeches are made. That feeling that compels you. It encourages you to feel, or act, or simply to think. Or reread. Or replay.

Something goes off in your brain. It’s a feeling akin to joy. It goes beyond wanting to use this for your next caption. It encourages you to ponder. When was the last time you pondered? Sat with something. Let it settle. Let it swish around in your mind and see what else it triggers. Does it say excuse me when it bumps into an existing thought or does it come barreling through. It can transform your perspective or bolster your current beliefs. 

My favorite is when it’s a perspective that makes me stop. And think. Who doesn’t enjoy a healthy challenge. Especially one that’s a contender. Fresh and spry. Keeps you on your toes.

It makes me want to try my own hand. It inspires a chain of thoughts that may not have formed on their own. Not without this new frame of reference I had not yet considered. I need more. Who’s wrote this? What other work have they done? I have questions. All I know for sure is that they’ve gained a new fan and I a new favorite. 


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