Eat, Pray, Love – But in Your Home

As the world faces a terrifying pandemic in the form of COVID-19, we’re all cooped up in our homes. For some, this is a tragedy ruining social lives and leading to unmatched boredom. But what happens when we shift our perspective? In our four walls, there is enough space for self-discovery.

The author of the book “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert, recounted what seems like an ideal path to finding your true self after a major life change (in this case, a painful divorce) – enjoying delicacies across Italy, finding spirituality in India, and falling in love in Indonesia. This is the ideal scenario, and it’s currently unavailable to each and every one of us. Even in normal circumstances, traveling the world to find inner peace is an expensive therapy session.

Fortunately, all the lessons Gilbert picked up from her adventure are within our reach no matter where we are. All you will ever need to get to know yourself is yourself, so let’s get this journey started.

Find true pleasure in eating

In the book (and the movie) Liz Gilbert didn’t shy away from eating at every place that serves local food in Italy – and who wouldn’t find happiness eating pasta, pizza and gelato in this beautiful country? And who wouldn’t add a few inches on the waistline in the process? Would you believe me if I’d tell you that you can find even more pleasure in doing that in your home? How? Well, you can participate in the creation of the food from the beginning and enjoy the fruits of your work at the end.

The first mistake of preparing food is seeing it as a chore. But cooking by yourself gives you a sense of control you can’t have in a restaurant. It also allows you to discover different tastes, combine them, and, along the way, learn something about yourself. Following the recipes step-by-step takes away from that adventurous feeling, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you can start experimenting.

To actually enjoy your food, you need to turn it into an experience. Even if you are eating alone, you should set the table, use the fancy china, light up some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine. There’s a whole palette of tastes to unveil, and not only when it comes to food, but drink as well. Trying something new is possible even here. Think about the tastes you love and how your food and drink can be combined. For example, if you love coffee, consider stirring up a delicious coffee-based cocktail to sip alongside your dessert. And play some music in the background while you’re at it.

Search for your inner peace

An exotic location is not a prerequisite for practicing yoga and meditating. After all, meditation is about looking inward and not outward. All you need is a quiet room, free of all electronic communication, where you can focus on your breathing and the sensations throughout your body.

At first, this may come difficult. It wasn’t easy for Gilbert either, but after some time she managed to get into deep levels of meditation and find instant calm despite her surroundings.

Let love in

We can all agree that Gilbert has experienced what most of us dreamed to get on our travels at least once. She found an incredible romance with a sexy foreigner who appreciates her for what she is. Wow.

This, however, seems highly unlikely… and downright impossible when you’re just staying put in your home. But here’s the catch: the most important love interest you should have can be found in the mirror. Yoga and meditation should help you with that by allowing you to get to know yourself better, but you will need to take yourself out on multiple dates before you experience true love.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you are your only love interest. If you feel something about a person, don’t be afraid to show your feelings. At least, when you express them you will know where you stand. Also, if someone feels something about you, don’t run away from that. Remember that you deserve to be loved.

Finally, there are various types of love, so keep close the people you care about, including your friends and family. In this time of social distancing, when you’re physically apart, unveiling that love and connection within the confines of your home may be the most powerful thing in your life.

Life is not a book or a movie, but it is possible to give your character an arch you deserve. You can eat, pray, and love, without leaving your home. As a reward, you will get self-confidence and inner peace. That should be enough.

by Sarah K

Sarah is a life enjoyer, positivity seeker, and a curiosity enthusiast. She is passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle and adores her cats. She is an avid reader who loves to travel when time allows.

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