Eden killed me
It looked into my eyes and told me I was the one
It said to grab it
Take it
make it mine.
And it was beautiful
so very beautiful…
We danced, and we sang
Never having fear of darkness or death
For surely, the world wouldn’t be so cruel.
Oh, but it was
The world is full of serpents and demons
Blood and gore

So our story turns to a girl betrayed
When the serpent lied and bit her hand
Sentencing her to eternal horror
And while she still tries to make her way through the dark,
The evil one prospers.
That is the way of the world
Evil gain, and good lose
Angels cry
Now that is all about to change…

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by LaurenKnauer

Hi! I’m an 18 year old writer, aspiring to grow in the author world and write for a living. Writing has always been an escape, something I not only love to do, but need to do. Stories are wonderful to live in. I write books, poems, and occasionally short stories!

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