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Everyone says, “Build your own business, you will have more freedom to enjoy life.”

What they don’t say is after your third day at home, with two teens and an adolescent dictator, while working on your business and teaching your kids about life, you forget yet again to get dressed and you just might forget to brush your teeth. No seriously, when building a business from your home and having little ones, or even teens in my case, running around getting into everything or interrupting every conversation, you simply forget to take care of basic needs, such as lunch.

Your beloved shower gets pushed aside for those absolutely necessary bouncer moments when everyone seems to be fighting. Your home starts to look like a bomb went off in your living room, and your extended family starts questioning your sanity. The worst thing is that they all wonder why you can’t get anything done.

Short answer? I’m doing everything for the littles so of course, I can’t get my stuff done. But that is a perfect time to show those little energy suckers just how poised and refined we are as parents, or maybe it’s time for wine in the bathroom. Whatever direction you head for de-stressing during those early stages of Entrepreneurial life, or should we say mom-preneurial life, just know that we have all been there.

The best way to battle the stress of being both a mom and an entrepreneur is to know exactly how much you can handle in one day and never, and I mean never, take on more than that. Schedules are your best friend, even when you don’t follow it, it can be a god-send. For example, If my kids are having a rather awful week, then it’s always best to schedule in some play time and a nightcap for me. Their play time will decrease their energy and allow me to have my night cap. Everybody wins. I schedule my whole day out, because if I don’t schedule my day then I may forget something and most the time it is something like eating lunch, or doing that load of laundry with your daughter’s favorite shirt in it that she must have for the next day.

When you are an entrepreneur with children you learn Murphy’s Law pretty quick. If it can happen it will. That is why scheduling everything is a must. I get up at the butt-crack of dawn so that I can have two hours of peace before my oldest wakes for work and then my youngest wakes for home-school. This is the calm before the storm, I get as much done before my teenage daughter wakes up for her day of homeschooling, more like unschooling, and chaos bringing teen angst. The emotional roller coaster that takes place in my living room is so bipolar that I could literally sell tickets for the live event. I’d probably make a killing. Once the kids are up and moving around my schedule is all child, all the time. Feed me. Hug me. Mom where’s my sweater? No, not that one, the one with the cat, as if she doesn’t have three.

Many nights are spent trying to figure out what, if any steps, I took towards my business goals during the waking hours of the kids. It still amazes me that I finish each day without losing my mind and admitting myself to the local mental hospital for a much needed vacation. Some days I get so much done I’m in total shock and then they wake up the next day and I’m reminded why I was shocked about accomplishing my goals the day before. Even though I don’t always get done what I wanted to get done, I pride myself in the fact that I didn’t go crazy, my business is still standing, and my mind is still thinking of new and exciting ways to support my clients and their needs. In a perfect world everything would work out, always, but this isn’t a perfect world and my kids are definitely not perfect. In fact the last time I was on a live video call with one of my favorite clients, my then 7 year old son decided to ask the lady if she was African American. It was utterly embarrassing for him to ask her that while on my business call, but he was curious, as he always is about people’s nationality and like any 7 year old he just blurted it out, just like that. Sometimes the best way to get through the day is to imagine that at some point they will be grown and then the zoo that is my home will be dull and boring. Although my life is filled with chaos that sometimes even makes me wonder, what are they teaching kids in schools these days, I still know that deciding to be an at home, home-schooling, entrepreneur was the best decision I ever made for me and my bunch of hooligans. Even if it is going to drive me to the nut house in the long run. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Author: Jessica Lynn Starling
Author Bio: Jessica is a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified hypnotherapist, and holistic, soon to be off the grid, homeschooling mom of 4. She is happily living her life dedicated to teaching her daughter that she doesn’t need a man, and teaching her son’s how to be men. Her mission is to help with youth ministry and women empowerment through healing with life coaching and ministry. As an advocate for LGBT rights she plans to use her ordain-ship to support commitment and marriage ceremonies for love of all kinds. As a nature loving hippie she dreams of a spiritual retreat center where everyone of every race, creed, or sex can come and get spiritual empowerment, healing, love, and compassion in an off the grid environment.
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Jessica is the sole proprietor of Gypsy.Soul.Magic. She has obtained her qualifications as a Spiritual Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist through life experiences and Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. With her training she has acquired certifications in mind body transformation, EFT, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Ordained Ministry in November of 2017, Meditation theory and practitioner, and Prayer and Mindfulness training. Jessica is on a mission to empower, heal, and enlighten youth and women with her holistic approach to stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma. She plans to open a fully functioning off grid spiritual retreat center for families and youth empowerment, education, enlightenment, and healing through many mind, body, and soul energy healing modalities. When you help others build a foundation for self healing and empowerment you allow them to own their mistakes and heal themselves with love, compassion, and support.

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