Why does everything have to be like this?

Cold and distant

Distant and cold

Why can’t we live with no fears?

Why can’t we live as if taking risks will only guarantee us peace and solace

Tired of working to love

Tired of losing love because of working

Replacing anger with daggers,

That cut deeper than they should

They always say tomorrow will be better than yesterday

Or this too shall pass

If that were true,

Would there be depression and addiction?

Humans seem no longer interested in serving

Now garbage litters the Earth

As if the planet has evolved to serving us

We no longer see the dimensions

Only the pieces in front of us

What a world it has become

If only we could turn back the hands of time

Before everything became empty and it had to be like this

We could have told ourselves,

When you begin to amass those material things,

Do not lose your souls

by kayydenise

A complicated soul, who happens to write poetry

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