Entrepreneur Story

Owning a business is something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time in my life. I’ve always seen myself becoming an entrepreneur; creating and making things happen for myself. 

In my senior year of high school, I started a project called Body Party Campaign — it was a body positivity campaign, but I knew it could become something bigger. So I spent the whole of 2017 redeveloping it.

In 2018, I launched Girl Power Campaign. It turned into a full-on women empowerment business that focuses on so many issues women face in this world. Now in 2020, I’m in a new chapter with my business and it’s officially called HERstory Movement.

I’ve gotten a chance to collaborate with so many talented women and got a chance to let them share their stories and inspire women and younger girls all around. But this is just the beginning of my entrepreneur story.

Fashion has been my love for seven years now, and I’ve gotten a chance to work closely in the fashion industry with lots of industry professionals. With my closeness in the industry, I decided to open up my Fashion House last year — called Angelic Fashion House.

I get to attend many fashion events and do lots of coverage for it and work on lots of projects from NYFW, Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week and more.

When it comes to my business, my mission is to always help those in need and inspire those around me to go out and pursue what they want in life and never give up. I had many people doubt me and many people tell me that what I’m doing isn’t going to take me anywhere and that it won’t be big. But here I am, doing what I love and getting a chance to work with so many talented people.

If you have a business you want to start, go for it take the leap of faith and see where it will take you. Because the end result can be amazing.

by Angelshadae

I’m the Founder of HERstory Movement & Angelic Fashion House. Poetry has been something I love to read and write ever since I started studying it in High School. Through poetry it helped me cope with my anxiety and it became a way to let everything out and to find a way to transform what I’m feeling into something beautiful. When I write I get lost in the writing and it consumes me in the best way ever and it brings me the most amazing joy ever. As the years have past I’ve decided to share my writings with the world and start pushing myself to create more for not just my enjoyment but for others enjoyment.


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